A Sweet Place to Play

Play together. Eat candy. Create memories.

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Hello and Welcome to Candeeland!

We provide bright, colorful, magical places where parents can create lasting memories with their kids in a safe environment. We aim to provide a fun and friendly place for parents and their children to explore and learn together. Thank you for supporting us as we create a space that will bring joy to families for years to come.

Host Birthday Parties

Host magical birthday parties with private rooms and fun activities.

Set up Play Dates

Plan fun play dates and let kids and parents socialize comfortably.

Plan a Trip

Gather youth groups or field trips to a local destination.

Thrilling Experiences for Kids of All Ages

Candeeland is the perfect place to take your little ones on exciting adventures that will leave them smiling from ear to ear! Your kids will burn off energy and have a blast exploring this themed area of fun.

Our Story

One of the biggest challenges for parents today is that kids seem to grow up faster than ever. With technology, social media, and other cultural factors accelerating the pace of childhood, it can be challenging to keep up and stay connected with our children. However, parents must remember that time spent with their kids is precious and fleeting.

Why Visit Candeeland?

Get Kids Active

We know that kids need to burn off energy before bedtime, or they’ll never fall asleep. That’s why we offer a variety of climbing, jumping, and crawling activities that are perfect for wearing them out.

Inspire the Imagination

We provide a rich environment with plenty of exciting structures and activities, and the space kids need to let their imaginations and bodies run wild.

Parties Made Easy

We make party planning easy and provide party rooms for your guests. And the best part is that we’ll clean up the mess afterward!

Fun Play Dates

We provide the ideal place for play dates with other parents. Our facility is designed to be comfortable and inviting, and our staff is always on hand to help facilitate playtime.

Improve Social Skills

We believe that socialization is an essential part of childhood development. Kids need to learn how to interact with others and develop friendships. And what better place to do that than at our indoor playground?

Enjoy Our Cafe and Candy Store

We offer a cafe with a full menu for kids and adults, and well as an amazing candy store to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Parties and Groups at Candeeland

Candeeland is the perfect place to host your next birthday party or group event. Our staff can help you with all the details, from planning to decorating the space. We will have a variety of packages to choose from, so we can tailor the party to your specific needs. Contact us today to get started planning your next event.

Find a Location Near You

Get ready to have the time of your life and create new memories. Kids and parents are raving about their experience, so more locations are to be announced soon.